A quick anthro review

Yesterday my mom and I went to visit the anthropologie in Greensboro to try on a few things… Mostly I went to return the Stars and Stripes skirt, which I loved but when I followed to directions and hand-washed cold, the red dye ran all over it…  AHH!

There it is… now I am debating… I can get a new one shipped from MI, which is a bit enticing, because the skirt looked fabulous on and I got a TON of compliments the two times I wore it. BUT is it worth the shipping and having to dry clean?  What are your thoughts?

I also went to try on the Wind Catcher Dress, in hopes of wearing it to a wedding.  The dress is really pretty, but the reviews of the cups/top being too big are SO true.  I am relatively small busted, but seriously they bust of the dress was floating inches away from my chest.  BIZARRO. Sad.

Finally, I tried on the Perilla dress, which I loved.  I tried the small and it was sooooo flattering.  I really want it and I know my cost per wear on this dress would be excellent, but I am going to hold out and see if it will go on sale like the last pretty I wanted… which I ended up snagging on sale 🙂 Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Perilla dress - You must go on sale!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sad news about that first dress 😦 I was going to say how much it looked great and would want to try it myself, but now I’ve changed my mind.

    That last dress is really cute. Hope you get it!


  2. Aww too bad about that skirt! Its soo cute – why does drycleaning have to be such a pain!


  3. Fingers crossed you can find that pretty on sale…because it IS fabulous!


  4. I love the Perilla dress!! How pretty!


  5. I hate dry cleaning things, but sometimes it’s such a necessary evil. Will you be bummed if you never wear the skirt again? If so, it’s worth picking up.

    And the Perilla dress is beautiful! It’s so hard waiting for sales. Good luck!


  6. the last dress is amazing!



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