hot like fire…

The weather here is still oppressively hot, so I am trying to keep cool with lots of nice flowy, airy dresses.  Dresses that are cool and breathable are my go-to when temperatures soar above 90.  I’ve also been know to rock the shorts and tank tops, but I feel a little more restricted when I do that.  What is your favorite thing to wear when it is insanely, steamily, melt your face off hot outside? The dress I am wearing below has a soft, sweater-knit, almost sheer bodice while the skirt section is a linen like cotton, super lightweight and free.  And the white.  Perfect for the surface of the sun!

Blurry picture, courtesy of J. I think the heat was affecting him. Dress by freepeople from last summer.

Detail of this amazingly comfortable dress

I also have to admit that my days are running together now that school is out.  I was thinking today was Saturday and then realized that it was the middle of the week.  Not to gloat, but sweet, sweet summer.  I should really stop complaining about the heat 😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s the best kind of dress for a hot day! Looks lovely and cool!


  2. Oh girl, it has been insanely hot here. Like 100 every day, plus heat index. Miserable. So, I feel you!


  3. Love it! And I’m right there with you! Currently living in gauze sundresses. : )


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