cold front

The weatherman described the rest of this week as a “cold front” with temperatures in the low 80’s, which gave me a little giggle.  I’ll definitely take the low 80’s in contrast with the high 90’s and low 100’s though!!! That is just too hot for humans! Especially with the humidity!

I have been really bad about posting lately, but I have been overwhelmed with parties, wedding preparations, and life.  They are all good things to be overwhelmed with though, so I can’t complain.  Since returning from my bachelorette I’ve traveled to see J, went to Charlotte to see my BFF who had flown in from KS to get her wedding dress fitted (she’s getting married 3 weeks after me) and attended a pottery shower with all my best girlfriends.  Life is sweet.

Tomorrow I am headed to see Phish and oh so excited, its been a few years since the last time I saw them and their concerts are always super fun.  Both my sisters and J are going with me, so it should be a blast.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from my bachelorette party to make you smile:

Feeling goofy and loved during toasts

Playing partini, such a fun game, by the way.

Bringing it back to childhood

Hope you are all having wonderful weeks!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Aww i miss all the parties and activities leading up til the wedding. It was so much fun! It flies by so enjoy it!


  2. LOVED the weather today – in the 70s and breezy in DC which is such a relief compared to the humid 90s we’ve had! So jealous of Phish… its been years since I’ve seen them!


  3. Phish was just here, too! I heard it was a great show. Have fun!


  4. the time is drawing near! you are almost married! and i hope the party was fun and that the weather continues to cooperate! 🙂


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