I had a principal call me for an interview later this week.  Since I’ll be moving from Central NC to Eastern NC because of J’s grad school, the job search has definitely been on the forefront of my mind.  I think its definitely indicative of the economy that even as a teacher, and a special ed teacher more specifically, I am having some difficulty finding a job.  Its pretty insane.

Its also pretty insane that our wedding is only eleven days away!!! HOLY BISON! We don’t have that much left to do… just details but it is still pretty crazy.  This past weekend we went to see Phish, went to our minor league baseball game on Friday and saw fireworks and then had a bbq in our honor on Saturday.  By the 4th we were pooped.  I hope everyone else had a more eventful Independence Day than I did, I was happy to just relax for a day.  (Don’t need to get sick before the wedding!)

Sunday a week ago two of my good friends threw a pottery shower for me.  We threw one of these showers last year for my friend A and it was sooooo much fun.  Painting pottery and drinking with your friends is more awesome than just opening gifts I have to admit.  And, when you are done the pottery they make you is much more meaningful than a place setting or something.

Here are a few pics from the shower:

yum yum delicious sangria

so tasty

all the ceramics, just waiting to be painted

And thats all I’ve got… hope everyone is recovering well from the holiday!


3 responses to this post.

  1. eleven days…ALREADY!?! EEEEEHHH!!! exciting!!!

    don’t stress about the job front just yet…you’ve got your wedding to worry about!


  2. 11 days! Wow! So close! Getting super excited for you!

    And, best wishes with the job search.


  3. what a beautiful shower! try and chill. you are in the home stretch. and you are ALMOST MARRIED! you only have to (get to!) do this once, so hang in there!


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