so close

Its only 4 days til the wedding!! The bags for our hotel guests are stuffed, the program ribbons are tied, the marraige license is obtained, the alcohol purchased, the timeline laid out, the pre-parties have all been partied.  Oh my, the lists are endless, but I really think we are pretty much done.  Its really about to happen.  Family starts coming in Thursday afternoon and I know its going to be a whirlwind from there.  I am so excited, a little bit anxious and just ready to DO THIS!! Hopefully, I can maintain a moderate calm over the next few days.  Wish me luck!

Clearly, we belong together. Jan 1, 2010 at approximately 12:30am


5 responses to this post.

  1. So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about the big day!


  2. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear details of the main event! I love weddings!


  3. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! that’s so exciting!!!!!!! You’ll have to keep us updated!!!!


  4. Yayyyy! Good luck! I’m sure it will be fabulous! Can’t wait to see pics!


  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! cant wait to hear about your amazing day!



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