oh yes. i have a new last name.

For those of you who actually know my last name, this is a pretty big deal!!! But I am so happy to be married to J! Everything went off beautifully.  The wedding was gorgeous, even though it rained and I have had several people tell me it was the best wedding people they have ever been too… I may be a bit partial, but I think it was pretty awesome.

What was even more awesome though?

Our honeymoon. Pure heaven.

I can’t wait to share the wedding, our honeymoon, our friends’ wedding in St. John and another wedding in Wilmington, NC.  Life has been busy lately!  I started my new job yesterday, but life is swinging back to a more normal routine and there will be lots of posts coming your way sooooon! 🙂 Happy Tuesday, lovies!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see the photos!!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! i am sure the wedding was fabulous! and so happy the honeymoon was just super! welcome back, and you must be feeling fine, relaxed and HAPPY! yay for you!!!

    p.s. hope the job is going well, too!


  3. Welcome back and congrats! Can’t wait to hear about the wedding!


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