a matter of policy

So I’ve been going through my workshops over the last few weeks and one of the things I’ve found out about the new school system I am working in — their dress code policy is no denim. NO DENIM.  Seriously, no pants, skirts, jackets, nothing.  Problematic for me, since over several years of working in schools I have developed the habit of wearing jeans once or twice a week.  Its not as bad in summer because I wear more skirts because it is so hot in NC, but this is going to be rough this winter.  Any suggestions on how to save myself? I guess I am going to have invest in more khakis, dress pants, etc.

Another addition to this problem is that I am going from teaching in a middle school back to elementary school.  I am even more likely to want to wear jeans in elementary since there is less lecturing, more crawling around on the floor time.  Ooooooh I am dreading this.  Any suggestion for where to get pants that aren’t too tight but don’t have the dreaded mom jeans (in khaki) look? YIKES!


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