more wedding fun!

Hey there ladies!  Sorry for my extreme lack of posting lately.  Now that J and I have been married for almost 2 months, I think I am settling into extreme nesting mode.  I want to hang out with him, watch movies, make dinner, play the Wii and just be cuddly.  Somehow the internets has fallen by the wayside in favor of couch time with my favorite book and the best hubs.  Ha, sorry to be such a cheeseball.  The fact that I can feel a hit of fall in the air isn’t hurting either, that really makes me want to put on the cozy pants.

Without further blabbing, here is the second edition of my wedding recap… the girls getting ready…

The roof of the building we got dressed in... so quaint

My mom and I checking out our guest book... it was using photos from our engagement session and this was the first time we saw it... Mom got a little teary 😉

Of course we had to kick things off with a little champagne toast

My dress. I love it. (Duh.)

My bestie, E, and my mom helping me with the dress

Oh there I am.

With my beautiful wonderful bridesmaids... friend from college (who I reconnected with after college), highschool bestie, sister, college roomie, sister and other college bff

We almost forgot the veil! Oops.

Hiding from the drizzle (Dresses by jcrew)

(All photos, except for #2, by McCardell Photography!)

And thats pretty much it…. for the girls!! Which one is your favorite?  Hope you enjoyed the sugary overload.  Happy Monday!


5 responses to this post.

  1. your mom is so cute! and tiny!!! where’d you get the height…dad? i’m jealous!

    once again, you look stunning. i love all the pictures and the colors.


  2. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous wedding photos!! You look beautiful and so happy!! 🙂 xo


  3. What great photos! Congrats again and enjoy this newlywed nesting time.


  4. LOVE that hanging shot of your dress! SO cool!


  5. your photos are gorgeous! i love the color theme, very cute!


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