first cold of the year. :(

I am feeling a bit under the weather, with a sore throat and extreme fatigue.  I am not sure whether I should just blame little kids at school with coughs or the fact that I may have slightly over-indulged at the wedding we went to Saturday night… perhaps it was a case of kicking the immune system while it was already down.

I have to say that despite not feeling well, I am excited by the way it is getting cooler outside when the sun sets.  I am so excited to build fires in our fireplace with J this winter, for hearty fall meals like chili, for a football tailgate in a few weeks and for mountain weekend with my girls.   What are you most excited about for fall?

I also need to get some new ballet flats for fall.  They end up being my go to during fall days (as long as it isn’t raining)  I’ve been looking at tieks – does anyone have some who can vouch for the quality?  They have such an array of fun fall colors and look so comfy, they just might be the ones for me.


Happy Monday and hope you are feeling better than I am!


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  1. oh no..i hope you feel better!



  2. Posted by Hannah on September 22, 2010 at 1:31 am

    As your sister, I cannot sit idly by and let you spend that much money on a pair of ballet flats. there is nothing about those shoes that says “worth 135 dollars.” I’m just saying.


  3. I have a cold, too! Ugh, it sucks!


  4. What adorable photos!!


  5. Love your victory walk! You look so happy!


  6. GORGE wedding – u look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps – have a GIVE-AWAY going on – Ends Tuesday – LOVE for you to join in!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly Give-Away~


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