wedding wednesday – the ceremony

Here are a few pictures of Jason and I from the wedding.  A few of our first look and a few from our ceremony.  I am so glad that we had a first look.  Getting to see J before the ceremony made me feel much calmer about everything and I think I had a better time the whole day because there was no cloak and dagger feel 🙂  I wasn’t really an anxious bride, I was just super excited and had an amazing time.  Seriously, it went by waaay too fast!

Sneaking up on J for our first look. I was pretty excited.

Excitement in full effect!

In the church pre-ceremony

My Dad walking me down the aisle.

I was pretty pumped to be married.



6 responses to this post.

  1. i ADORE the first picture! you look so happy and excited!

    i hope everything after the wedding, married life, etc. is just as exciting.


  2. you look so beautiful! and your man looks so handsome! and you both look so HAPPY! congratulations!!!


  3. ohmygoodness!! You were such a stunning bride and you both look so happy! The last 2 pics are my fave – I love that you look so excited to be married and the last one is just so sweet!


  4. You made a beautiful bride! Congrats!


  5. aw thanks for sharing your pictures! love the second to last photo 🙂


  6. you two are so adorable 🙂


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