sweater weather…

Its finally cool enough to break out the sweaters… and to wear them past 10am!! Hooray.  I have been experiencing the pain in the butt of dressing for those 55 degree mornings that warm up into 85 degree days — and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Luckily the weather decided to oblige and it has cooled off significantly.  Of course, in the process of this cooling off we had 15 inches of rain dumped on us and school was canceled for flooding.  Luckily for me, the flooding was not in my neighborhood, so I feel pretty grateful right now. I actually shouldn’t complain at all.  I take it all back.

Anyhow… I am very happy that I can wear sweaters now.  Summer is my favorite season for fashion, but this time of year I dig the fall.  Here’s an outfit that has me feeling cozy and ready for it to cool off even more…

Shirt ~ RL Polo, Sweater ~ Target, Skirt ~ Sitwell via anthrotreasurebox

I would also like to say if you like Anthropologie, you should be following Sara’s blog Anthropologie Treasurebox .  I got this skirt from her blog as well as a Splendid henley a few months ago.  You can’t really tell from this crappy picture (sorry about that) but the details on the skirt are ridiculously adorable.  Her prices are absolutely incredible for what she offers and the quality of both the pieces I have bought from her has been superb.  She’s on vacation now, but bookmark her blog and check it out!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m glad the flooding didn’t get to you! I’m excited for Fall weather too – although I’m not the biggest fan of layers, at least it’s not painfully hot and humid anymore!


  2. fall fashion is the best! it’s just starting too feel like fall now so expect to see more sweaters!


  3. What a cute outfit! Glad the flooding didn’t reach your home.


  4. You look so cute! I’m loving the fall weather and layers, too. However, I’ll be eating those words once winter rolls around and I’m trudging through snow!

    I’m so, so glad the flooding missed you. That’s such a mess to deal with!

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