the last wedding post

Well I recapped the flowers, getting ready and the ceremony… here’s a quick peek at the reception.  Its almost sad to be wrapping up these posts.  All I can say is if you invest in one big ticket item for your wedding, a photographer is definitely worth it.  I am so happy with the photos that our photographer took and they were worth every penny.  I will have these forever and they help me remember perfectly a day that was just a little bit of a blur….

This picture of J and his boys cracks me up to no end.... definitely one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Our first dance to Jack Johnson's "Better Together" It is surprising how the first dance and father-daughter dance seem to go on foreeeever. Did anyone else feel that way?

The reception from above

Everyone told me the desserts were delicious. Unfortunately, I never sampled them!

Cake cutting. Only a little icing ended up on the face.

I might have iced J during the garter pull. Hehehe.

There was lots of really awesomely bad dancing. So much fun

Grand exit

Awesome escape gift from my parents, thanks mom and dad!! 🙂 It was so nice to have a few peaceful minutes alone with J!


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  1. Loving your wedding photos! Honestly there’s nothing better than awesomely bad dancing at a wedding. It was so fun to see everyone let loose and have fun! (some looser than others!). Those desserts look amazing, yum!


  2. These pictures are absolutely amazing!! You look gorgeous. I love the first pic too! 😀


  3. omg you iced him… thats amazing. seriously, amazing! and that dessert table looks fabulous!


  4. This looks like such a fun wedding! And I absolutely love your dress!


  5. Woooow, I love these pictures! The one with the boys is amazing — they look like the cool kids in town, haha! And you are so gorgeous! Where is your dress from? And your hair! AND YOU! Haha! You’re such a beautiful bride! Those desserts look amazing too… mmm…


  6. oh lady these photos are incredible. fabulous. amazing. perfection. and priceless! your photographer did such a fantastic job capturing your special moments. the one of you two dancing is precious!


  7. Swoon! I’m in love with your photos – almost as much as you’re in love with your hubby! You had a wonderful photographer – great selection of photos! And weren’t you a beautiful bride?!

    (Also, your note about the dessert made me make a mental note to have my mom pack up a dessert box for me whenever I do get married! Haha. I have my priorities set.)


  8. Posted by patina on October 16, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    You were a beautiful bride and the pictures were gorgeous! Congratulations.


  9. Beautiful wedding!


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