as green as a leprechaun….

I am out of school today, because I am feeling a little under the weather.  I’m already feeling much better than I felt earlier this morning, though, so its kind of nice to have some time to sit on the couch in my pj’s and catch up on things I need to do, like emails, paying bills, etc.

Earlier this week, I started teaching some of my students about how to write similes.  One of the similes the students’ come up with was Mrs. H’s skirt is as green as a leprechaun.  Touche my little friends.  I bought this J. Crew skirt from a blog sale and while I knew it was going to be green, boy is it GREEN.  I like it though and green is my favorite color.  I tried pairing it the skirt with some graphic prints but they were just too much, so I ended up with this neutral brown and white to balance things out a bit.  So what if I look like  a reverse tree?  (Yes, husband did in fact call me a reverse tree as I walked out the door.  Thanks love.)  At least I felt good… and a little fun too.   Any other ideas on how to wear such a bold skirt?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Did you try it with a black and white graphic print? I think that would be a killer combo!


  2. love the green!!!



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