This week has been sad for me.  We’ve had our pups 3 weeks and he’s been in the animal hospital for the last 2 nights and is staying again tonight… major major major puppy tummy issues. We had to take him into the emergency vet Monday morning at 2:30 am after lots of sickness and grossness I won’t share here.  Hopefully he can come home tomorrow, but keep your fingers crossed for Mr. Zipper.  It’s been really scary!!


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  1. Posted by patina on October 27, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Awwww, poor baby. I’m so sorry. My dog Alex had a couple of close calls when he was a puppy and i know how worried and scared you must be. Please keep us posted on his progress.


  2. Oh no! Get better soon, Mr. Zipper!


  3. did he get parvo?? i hope not. my ex’s dog got parvo as a puppy and it was so sad.

    hope your pup gets better soon!


  4. I’m sorry for your pup! I hope everything goes well!


  5. Hope your pup feels better! Have a wonderful Halloween weekend 🙂


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