a little wishlist

I lurrrve the holiday season.  From about a week before Thanksgiving through the New Years is just such a happy time of year.  There is vacation time from work, getting to spend time with friends and family you don’t see enough of, delicious dinners that last late into the night, annual movie nights with the family, candlelight church services, hot chocolate, lots of photo ops, cozy car trips, presents under the tree, holiday foods you don’t eat any other time of year, evenings by the fireplace and more.

And I just realized I unintentionally typed a giant list of things I am thankful for.  And even though I haven’t had the best week ever, just typing that list lifted my heart and made me smile.  What are your favorite things this time of year?

I won’t beat around the bush… as Christmas approaches I get a leeeetle bit excited about composing my Christmas list.  (Just one of the many things I have in common with the students I teach…. along with an immature sense of humor and passion for slushies.) Since J went ahead and made a excel spreadsheet of the things he wants and emailed it to me (nerd), I don’t feel quite so grabby.  Here’s a sneak peek at a few items topping my list…

Lucillae dress from Anthropologie... this didn't catch my eye online, but I tried it on in store and it was beeeyoootiful. The details are so luxurious and it fit like it was made for me. ME ME MEEEEEEEEE.

A little mundane? Yes indeed. Absolutely necessary? YES!! Somehow in our onslaught of wedding gifts we did not receive a grater. And I love cheese. Oh my, I love it. Therefore, we have a problem. Santa, please bring me a grater ASAP!

Need some cuties jammies. These are from Gap, but I don't really care where they are from as long as they are long.

Finally, has anyone seen the commercial for James Patterson’s new book? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME LAUGH!!! Everytime I hear that voice of God… “UNPUTDOWNABLE!”  ridiculous.

And also J just told me the face I make at him when he pokes me looks “like a pissed off cat” and then followed it up with “well you don’t have a cat face.  it doesn’t LOOK like that.  it just REMINDS me of a pissed off cat”.  Sweet.  Thanks hubs.


4 responses to this post.

  1. The dress is gorgeous! And I’m in constant need of new PJ pants too, hahaha! Do you have a microplane? I used to use this really horrible box grater to grate my cheese, but I recently purchased a microplane and BY GOD IT IS AMAZING.


  2. Posted by Hannah on November 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    you know that I think of it, you do kind of make that face… 😛


  3. It’s amazing what a thankful heart can do! These picks are awesome. A grater? Mundane but you don’t realize you need a good one until your $1 one breaks.


  4. I can absolutely see why that Anthro dress topped your list. It’s a beauty!!
    Hope Santa is good to you and maybe brings the perfect pair of shoes to accompany it.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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