gift ideas

Ahhhh yes, the ubiquitous gift idea post.  They are everywhere this time of year.  Buuuuuuuut, since I love reading them when all my bloggie friends post them, I figured – why not?  Here are a few gift ideas for the important ladies in your life – your mom, best friend or sister. (And I am pretty certain I have a big fat ZERO male readers, but your wife or girlfriend too, just to play it safe 🙂  )   And since today is the last day of November (OHMYGODCANYOUBELIEVEIT!?!), I figured this post is timely as well.

I posted about La Mer watches awhile back and and I still think they are absolutely gorgeous.  They are the perfect balance of feminine and delicate with edgy and cool.  I especially like the triple banded watches.  As a bonus, ideeli has a sale on La Mer this week – if you think they would be a great gift for someone in your life, jump on that awesome deal!


Ohhh perfection! La Mer Garden Leaf Wrap.

I also love to give friends gifts for their house and while towels and linens and such are nice, I’m often drawn towards pottery because I feel that it last longer.  Perhaps this is a bit selfish?  I never want my friends and family to lose the things I give them.  Mwhahaha.  These bowls from etsy shop Tinsley are especially cute and at $7 they won’t break the bank!!

Functional and funky. I like.

Lastly in this batch of ideas, I present the wristlet.  I purchased my first wristlet probably two years ago and found that I kind of love them.  They are easy to carry when you don’t feel like you want the weight of a huge bag and just need your essentials of cards, cash, phone.  (And if you are afraid of losing clutches, like me, you can attach a wristlet to you.  Phew!)  These wristlets by Dsenyo come in 8 awesome patterns (I would like them all, please) and would pack an awesome punch of color to any outfit.  Even more awesome?  They are sold by nest which means your purchase benefits women entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Sah-weet.  (One of my good friends in college started nest and I can’t tell you how amazed I am by her.)



Welp, thats all I’ve gots for now!! Hope everyone’s return to real life post Thanksgiving hasn’t been too rough.  And just think, only a few more weeks til another break.  Woooo!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I would LOVE the watch — it’s so funky! I have a soft spot for leaf motifs too, haha! And the bowls! Eeeek! I want them!


  2. i love pottery too! sadly (and selfishly), i always want to buy it for myself! 🙂


  3. I absolutely love those wrap watches!


  4. I love La Mer watches! This one is very cool!


  5. I’ve loved those La Mer watches – and I haven’t gotten any yet bc I can’t pick a style/color!!!!


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