On Saturday I took a few pictures with Mr. Zipper for Lisa’s Respect the Outfits (and the pets) post.  I was planning on taking a few more Sunday in some fancified outfit, but then I got a stomach bug… curse you, elementary school students!! While I was feeling well enough to work this week, I feel fortunate that we had an early release Monday and 2 hour delays yesterday and today because of the icy weather.  I’ve had weird tummy grumblies and headaches since Saturday as the aftermath of the puking bug.  I also have to say, it has been years since I have been that nauseated from non-drink related problems and it was AWFUL.  BOO tiny children.  Don’t get me sick again!

Now that I’ve rambled enough, here are a few pics of the outfits…

Shirt ~ Banana Rep, jeans ~ True Religion, flats ~ Nine West, hat and scarf ~ Kohls, necklace - Jess LC


Zipsters will always sit when it is time to go on a walk
Awkward pose!! Demon dog!! All Awesomeness!  (Trust me though, he is exceptionally dense and heavy for such a small dog.  You would be awkward too.  Probs not as awkward as me though. dang.)

Well, thats all for today folks!! If you are experiencing these crazy snowy, icy conditions, keep warm, safe and snuggly!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the shoutout – you and the pup look fantastic! I hope you’re feeling better now. And I know what you mean about small dense dogs – my pup is the same way. She’s kind of skinny and small, but she already weighs 24lbs!


  2. Mr. Zipper is seriously SO adorable! I love his little legs! Stay warm, and feel better! When I used to work at a pottery studio, I’d teach these summer classes filled with kids and yeah… even though it was the summer, I got quite a few bad cold bugs from them!


  3. oooh, lucky you! i haven’t been in forever (and i’ve only been once). i love the museums there — the met, moma, the frick, etc. enjoy!


  4. whoops, i left the previous comment on the wrong post.

    your dog is SO CUTE! I WANT TO HUG HIM!

    and you look great, too!


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