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So I mentioned in my last post that this is the first year I have ever made New Year’s resolutions and I must admit I am enjoying holding myself to them.  In addition to making sure to include fish in our diet at least once a week, I also resolved to wear a skirt or dress at least twice a week.  I have so many cute clothes that I don’t wear enough, because I grab the easy pants/top in the morning rather than making a little effort.  (Especially during the frosty, frosty winter…. brrrr!) As I have followed through with this plan and dressed up twice a week, I have definitely experienced a little confidence boost and pep in my step, if you will.

I know that dressing more attractively and taking time on yourself can make you feel better, but today just really hit that fact home for me.  I’ve had a difficult time in the last week or so and have had to draaaag myself out of bed to work in the morning, so this morning I totally forced myself to dress up.  And I had a better day than I’ve had in a week! Wooo! The power of fashion.

Note: I also ALWAYS end up wearing this skirt with a black top. Over and over and over.  This morning, I said, NO MORE! I WILL incorporate some color.  And I really like how it turned out. Hoorah.


Tshirt ~ Target, Blazer ~ Gap (about 5 years old), skirt ~ Old Navy (about 10 years old), Scarf ~ Kohls, Boots ~ Naturalizer

A little bit of mood boosting power, brought to you by the color yellow

Happy Wednesday, I am off to watch The Bachelor online.  (I save it for the night the hubs has a night class, mwhahaha!)


4 responses to this post.

  1. You look so sunny and cute. Color really can do wonders for your mood!


  2. Posted by Hannah on January 27, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    i love how the zips is like “oh hey mom, we going for a walk? cause you know you’re by the front door soooo yeah! let’s go!”


  3. I love you in a skirt! You look just as cute as a button! And hooray for incorporating a colored top, too! I know what you mean about finding it hard to dress up in the mornings, though — I have so many mornings where I just give my closet the stink eye, haha!


  4. breaking your habit of black tops worked out so well! the yellow is great with the gray skirt!


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