rain, rain go away

Seriously, rain, GO AWAY! You are about to make me melt.  According to the “real time precipitation” data I looked up online today, it has rained a little under 2 inches in my part of Eastern NC over the weekend.   Based the giant lakes of standing water on the field in front of my apartment complex, I feel like it has rained waaaaaaaaaay more than that.

Oh well, I am enjoying being cozied up in my apartment with J and the Zipperpaws.  Last weekend J and I traveled to the mountains with some of our friends and had a great time! Even though the weather warmed up to the 50’s while we were there, Boone had received almost a foot of snow in the previous week.  So while the roads were dry and safe, we got to see some gorgeous snowy scenery.  The best of both worlds!

J – just hanging out 🙂 Its his ootd post, hehe
We went to wander around the Moses Cone estate. The mansion was not open, but still gorgeous.

The view of the frozen lake was pretty incredible too...

You can tell from my outfit, that even though there is snow on the ground it wasn’t that cold.


Did you lovelies get into anything exciting over the weekend?


6 responses to this post.

  1. How cool! This is where I live 🙂 My husband and I actually got engaged on the porch of Moses Cone house! We finally got rid of most of our snow, although more is now on the way. Grr…Glad you had a good time!


  2. i have never seen a frozen lake…very cool!

    it’s been super nice here in cali…i can’t complain.


  3. awww i wont talk about the weather in so cal! 😉

    cute pics!



  4. Wow, look at that mansion! I’m glad you got to enjoy your weekend and that J got to sit on a little rope swing, haha!


  5. looks like you were about to get out and have a grand old time! glad it wasn’t too cold there!

    the rain is annoying, particularly if one has to drive in it and or go out and DO things while it is happening. i hope it ends soon!!!!

    p.s. it is in the 70’s here and pretty much glorious. sorry!


  6. WOW! That Moses Cone Estate is gorgeous! Looks like I’ll be adding it to my “must see” list.


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