snow day delay hooray?

So I don’t have anything super exciting to say tonight, except that I have a TWO HOUR DELAY tomorrow! woooo! (I almost wrote two dollar delay and had to backspace backspace backspace, so that might indicate to you my excitement.) And I got my ebates refund today!! (Not that huge, but it still makes me quite happy 🙂 )

So this week I made my spring wishlist on anthro’s website so I could track whether or not anything went on sale, watch for popbacks, etc.  I just scanned through the website and added things as I came to them, all willy nilly like.  Then when I finished, I clicked on wishlist, so I could check everything and holy moly me oh my…. THERE WAS A TREND.

Yea, so… umm… who thinks I should add some more yellow and grey to my wardrobe this spring? Hehe.  There were actually 3 more items on my wishlist as well… and guess what? They were yellow and grey too.  Stay warm lovies 🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. Love your color scheme. The bottom left yellow blouse is great and the stripe top above it.


  2. Oh, how bizarre–I was just matching up a light gray blouse under a yellow cardigan this morning and I thought, “No, these don’t go together, do they?” but they do!

    So glad to know I’m not the only one digging that combo at the moment! That Anthropologie bustier is stunning- it’s on my own wishlist at the moment!


  3. Lots of beautiful stuff here, girly. But I’m particularly in love with the last belted, pleated yellow print top. It is beeeeeeeautiful.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


  4. That first top is in my wishlist too – I think yellow and grey is such a pretty combo!


  5. Oh I adore that yellow skirt! Then again I love high wasted skirts at the moment. The yellow and white top with the ruffle collar is also cute.



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