oh my god, hearts are exploding everywhere!

Happy Valentine’s day, muffins.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day… I spent the day with a bunch of elementary schoolers jacked up on sugar and am now unwinding with some rice cakes and cuddles with my pups.  J has class on Monday nights, so I am cooking dinner for when he gets home and he grilled steaks for us last night.  So its a multi-day celebration really.  Also I made blueberry muffins, so we could eat them all week long.  Cause, what says romance better than blueberry muffins, right?  And who says you have to restrict VD to just one day? I am playing by own set of rules, Valentines Day.  Take that.

My Valentine - be still my beating heart

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!



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  1. Mmmmmm, steak and blueberry muffins! Can I come over for Valentine’s Day/week next year? Hahaha! I hope you both had an awesome one!!


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