beautiful springtime

The weather has finally warmed up here in Eastern NC and it makes me want to dance like a little spring leprechaun.  Or something.  I am sure we will probably have another blast of cold weather before warm weather settles in for good, but I am enjoying the 60’s while I can and it is even supposed to get up to 75 on Friday!!  Yahoo!

We always try to keep fresh flowers around the house and my hubs is usually sweet enough to pick them up for me on a regular basis.  The best part about him picking up the flowers rather than picking them out myself is that they are always a suprise!  (Plus he knows my favorites, so they get a regular rotation 🙂 )

The last two weeks he brought home decidedly springlike blooms and it added an air of hope and cheer to our little apartment, yay for spring!

Happy, delicate spring flowers

Upon closer examination, a pop of color!

Fancy mantle pants

Another color pop! Bam!

What little things make you excited for spring?


3 responses to this post.

  1. It has been warmer in GA too (thank goodness!) – feels like time to go to the garden center and get some fresh greenery!


  2. What pretty flowers. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but my favorite flower store where you can individually pick them out moved away 😦 I’d love to have a flower garden so I could pick them & not pay!


  3. Nothing better than flowers to brighten up a room. We have those first flowers growing in our back garden, theyre so pretty. And I always find Iris amazing too, the different size petals, they almost look like an animal in some strange way 🙂



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