ootd – rule breakin’

So last week I broke one of my major fashion rules and wore white during winter.  Oh snap.  I even wore it on a day when we had a little sleet… perhaps I was trying to camouflage myself?  Or just trying to look awesome.  Too bad I broke another one of my rules and took these pictures when I was really tired and looking like poo.  So please excuse the crapola hair and so tiredy tired face.  Perhaps next time I will even get myself together enough to break a rule in time for someone else’s breaking the rule post.  (like this one.)

Tasty. (Embraceable Tee ~ anthro, skirt ~ Talbots, boots ~ gifted)
And Mr. Zipper, modeling his black and tan furry pants.


OH life.  At least I found something to wear the Embraceable tee with because it is so cozy and cute and we are NOT allowed to wear jeans to work. EVER. (Unlike every other school system I’ve ever been in.  Arrrrgh.)



3 responses to this post.

  1. That top is so cute! I love the collar!


  2. Oh, you just missed the white denim in winter challenge from this free bird. We all wore white in rebellion (to whom, I’m not sure)…


  3. personally, i heart winter white! it’s so unexpected, but classy at the same time. and that sucks about not being able to wear jeans on fridays. my sister is a teacher and she can wear whatever on fridays as long as there’s some school colors involved.


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