holy moly, me oh my

I cannot believe over 4 months have passes since last I blogged! Life just got in the way! (Or I just got busy living life.)  I had several people email asking if everything was ok, which it absolutely was.  I just had a lot going on with teaching in a new school last year, my first year of marriage, having a dog and learning how to balance it all and make my life the way I really wanted it to be.  Now summer has sailed past and I am less than a week away from going back to school and all of my little children.  I can hardly believe it.  I wish it was like my elementary days and I could use this excuse to cajole my mom into buying me a few new “back-to-school” outfits.  Oh well.  🙂

Let me update you on the last few months in a extremely compressed blog post:

In April we had a great Easter brunch with all of my new friends.  There was tons of delicious food to be had and of course we had a Peeps diorama contest.  The unanimous winner was “Brokepeep Mountain”.   J and I also started our garden in April, which we ended up putting LOTS of time into over the last 4 months but also getting LOTS of bountiful rewards from:

The winning diorama, please note the awesome sheep on the left.


Our plot in our the community garden for our apt complex

May brought our first green vegetables, bridal showers for friends and lots of playing with Zipper:

mmmm love tomatoes

Embarassingly, this is a typical evening in our house. Definitely not ootd material. Also, I am convinced Mr. Zipper is part kangaroo.

Now I don’t want to blow your minds with too many months all at once, so I am going to save June and July for my next post.  Thoughtful of me, I know.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I am really, really looking forward to getting back into touch with all of you lovely ladies and back to commenting (I have been one of those lurking reading, yet not commenting types in the last few months – oops!) Happy FRIDAY!


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  1. Yay! You’re back! 🙂


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