june in the fishbowl (sea)

Ok, well I promised to finish updating you all on what I’ve been doing for the last few months.  I realized a lot of stuff happened in June so it is getting its own post.  In June, school finished (hoorah!), we continued growing lots of veggies in our garden, 2 of our bestfriends came to visit us in our middle-of-nowhere town (lucky for us!), we took them to the beach, I went to a bachelorette party in Myrtle Beach (holy culture shock!), saw the Decemberists with J’s parents, we went to the mountains for a wedding, MY BIRTHDAY and I think that sums it up. Mostly.

June in pictures:

Gorgeous day at Fort Macon. Seriously perfect weather. We stayed on the beach for 6 hours straight. Yum.


Our first red tomatoes! Celebration! Who would have thought I would get so excited about tomatoes blushing?

Bachelorette weekend for my friend C, relaxing days and fun nights 🙂


Decemberists at Raleigh Amphitheater. It drizzled the whole time. It was awesome.

J was very sad when we had to rip up our squash and zucchini. (As was I.) Evidently it doesn't do well in our area.

Beautiful wedding outside of Asheville. Magical tent, twinkling lights, mason jars of local beers, a field of horses, cornhole and LOTS of dancing. Love.


J and I at the wedding. Love that man.

AND no pictures for my bday. Well there is one. I don’t like it.  So that is that.  And THAT is June.  Hope everyone is having a great week!



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