Day 2: Tuck It!

For Day 2 of the 21 day challenge, the outfit was required to be tucked.  Hmm… well this day was pretty fun for me, because although a year ago I felt really WEIRD tucking my shirts in, over the past year I have practiced tucking all kinds of t-shirts into skirts.  And feeling pretty sassy about it.

“BUT WAIT!”, I thought, “Well if I am going to challenge myself I need to try something different than my usual already tight t-shirt into a flowy skirt.”  So I decided to try something that I have loved on several fashion bloggers: tucking a silky blouse into shorts.  And I really liked it!  This shirt is not one I reach for in the summer because it has a more fall palette, in my opinion, but perhaps the crispness in the air influenced me.  (Or perhaps the fact that I had just picked it up from the dry-cleaners and it looked new and shiny.)

Here I am with the front tuck:

Top & Shirt ~ Both are LOFT, Sunglasses ~ $5 guy at mall, Shoes ~ Oh crap, I got home and kicked them right off. Oops.

Sorry for poor picture quality, new camera is on my soon to buy list!  My husband thinks I am a total whacko with this challenge, but is still sweetly snapping the pictures, he’s a keeper.  Anyone else participating in strange behavior lately that makes your significant other roll their eyes, but you think they secretly like it? 🙂


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  1. tuck it! it looks cute! it is nice to have options — to tuck or not! 🙂


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