I may have mentioned that I dropped my camera this summer.  Right on its lens.  Anti-smooth.  So it has been hard to find the motivation to blog since then, as I like to include my own pictures.  My sister has been complaining that I am not updating though, so I am going to work on putting up updates even though I don’t have a camera/until I get one.  (As a teacher, with my husband in grad school, we are broke, broke, broke – so new camera will probably have to wait until Christmas.)

For anyone wondering, we survived all hurricane weather fine, although our small town was really torn up.  Things have recovered now, although I am not looking forward to the makeup days during Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  My guess is that student attendance will be low though, so perhaps it will just be easy days.

‘Round here, we are gearing up for Halloween.  Hopefully this weekend we will head to the pumpkin patch that we went to last year to pick out an awesome pumpkin and enjoy the fall weather.  We are also in soup making mode with this crispy weather – my favorite is chicken tortilla soup.  Whats your go-to for fall weather?


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  1. Posted by Carol on October 30, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Made chicken tortilla soup last night, yummy!


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