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strange combos

Dressy and casual clothing items together, I am not sure I love this trend, on me or on 96% of other people.  But I tried it out today because I am tough.  I was still not won over.  Sorry for the shortest post evah.  School starts tomorrow (!)  I must prepare myself by relaxing and letting J cook me dinner.   Wish me luck on the first day of school!

Top ~ White House/Black Market, Shorts ~ JCrew


Bye for now! Until tomorrow!


more wedding fun!

Hey there ladies!  Sorry for my extreme lack of posting lately.  Now that J and I have been married for almost 2 months, I think I am settling into extreme nesting mode.  I want to hang out with him, watch movies, make dinner, play the Wii and just be cuddly.  Somehow the internets has fallen by the wayside in favor of couch time with my favorite book and the best hubs.  Ha, sorry to be such a cheeseball.  The fact that I can feel a hit of fall in the air isn’t hurting either, that really makes me want to put on the cozy pants.

Without further blabbing, here is the second edition of my wedding recap… the girls getting ready…

The roof of the building we got dressed in... so quaint

My mom and I checking out our guest book... it was using photos from our engagement session and this was the first time we saw it... Mom got a little teary 😉

Of course we had to kick things off with a little champagne toast

My dress. I love it. (Duh.)

My bestie, E, and my mom helping me with the dress

Oh there I am.

With my beautiful wonderful bridesmaids... friend from college (who I reconnected with after college), highschool bestie, sister, college roomie, sister and other college bff

We almost forgot the veil! Oops.

Hiding from the drizzle (Dresses by jcrew)

(All photos, except for #2, by McCardell Photography!)

And thats pretty much it…. for the girls!! Which one is your favorite?  Hope you enjoyed the sugary overload.  Happy Monday!

wedding wednesday, to my dear bridemaids

Long ago (or at least it seems like a long time ago!) I posted about potential bridesmaids dresses.  I decided on a color and then picked quite a few dresses I liked and then went to directly to my consultants for their opinions.  My consultants being the bridesmaids.  I figured if they were wearing the dresses I wanted it to be something they liked and there are enough options out there in the world to make us all happy.

Well they voted to go with J.Crew dresses and I have to say I am really, really pleased with the outcome.  Both of my sisters have already received their dresses and they are gorgeous!! I am so excited.  I chose the light sage dresses from the silk taffeta bridesmaids collection and then let my girls choose which cut they wanted.

A bit wrinkly but my sisters' dresses hanging up in my room - so exciting!

I had to try H's dress on for myself and snap a quick picture - now I want one too! You girls are going to look so gorgeous! 🙂

spirit fingers!!

So last week was spirit week at our school… does anyone remember those days in middle school and high school? They were so fun, the decade days, college shirt days, twin days, crazy hair days, tacky days and more.  What was your favorite Spirit Week Day?

I meant to take pictures of all of my outfits last week but I kind of forgot in the midst of all the excitement and in the midst of being overwhelmed by life.  What a shame.  I did manage to remember to take a picture on school color day though.  Unfortunately, it was probably the most boring outfit of the week.  Our school colors are red, white and blue so I rocked some blue corduroys, a red shirt from Banana Republic and white J.Crew cardi.   Inspired, I know.  Team America!

Oh gawd. I look schlumpy at the end of the day. At least that patriotism and school spirit is shining through.

I would also like to mention that I am wearing a beautiful pearl bracelet that I won in a contest Elaine from clothed much held.   Thanks, Elaine!!  If you haven’t checked out her blog, go do it!! She takes completely affordable and thrifted pieces and makes them look much more chic than I ever could! I realized as I am typing this that I have written about contest winning two days in a row, I feel incredibly lucky!!

A closer peek at the cheeky bracelet!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

wedding wednesday

First of all, a very off topic question, but does anyone else keep getting emails from J.Crew that are like, “LAST DAY for Free Shipping”? Because I keep getting them and would believe them if I hadn’t received the same email 18 times already – I KNOW its not the last day JCREW! HOW do I know, you may ask!? Because you told me it was the last day yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, quit trying to sucker me! And quit sending the EXACT same email to my mailbox for me to delete everyday.  NOT a routine I am loving.  Ah! I don’t know why that annoys me so, its just ridiculous.

OK enough petty ranting.

So we still haven’t decided on a first dance song and whatnot for the wedding but I do think I know what our exit song might be.  I love love love this song by the Wannadies… The verses are so sweet and yet realistic (for me anyways), they highlight the mundane and comfortable parts of life that make everything sweet. And the chorus is just so happy and happy and happy…. I can totally see everybody bopping around to it at the end of the reception.  I don’t think I explained my love of this song well, sorry, it just makes me happy.  Does anyone else remember this song?  Any other great ideas for must-have wedding reception songs?

Only 2 days to the weekend, pumpkins!