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strange combos

Dressy and casual clothing items together, I am not sure I love this trend, on me or on 96% of other people.  But I tried it out today because I am tough.  I was still not won over.  Sorry for the shortest post evah.  School starts tomorrow (!)  I must prepare myself by relaxing and letting J cook me dinner.   Wish me luck on the first day of school!

Top ~ White House/Black Market, Shorts ~ JCrew


Bye for now! Until tomorrow!



The challenge for Day 6: To take an item of clothing and wear it in an unconventional way.   My cardigan is actually a robe!  I have never been brave enough to wear it outside of the house before, even though it is gorgeous, but I finally took the plunge.  So here I am wearing one of my favorite robes to work.  Yikes.

T-shirt ~ Banana Republic, Robe/Cardi ~ anthro lounge section, Shorts ~ Kohls, Sandals ~ Dansko

Mr. Zipper was especially desperate to join in on my outfit today.  Doesn’t he look dapper?

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right…

Just Belt it, Belt It. I don’t know why the words Belt It immediately make me think of Michael Jackson, but its true.  So now Beat It is stuck in my head and probably in yours.  You’re welcome.

For Day 5 of the 21 Day Challenge I had to incorporate a belt.  Unfortunately since getting married last summer, I’ve gained quite a few pounds (BOOOOOO!) so this is one of the only belts I have that still fits.  I am pretty embarrassed that  I just admitted that to the internet.  Umm yea.  So anyhow, I wore this to go see Harry Potter with J.  (Finally!)  I told him he couldn’t avoid going with me any longer because I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see it in theaters.  And then I would pout at him. This is the only reason I am wearing jeans, because we were in the movie theater where it gets cold.  Because, believe me, it is still hotter than Satan’s armpit here in Eastern NC.

Without further ado, an outfit (with a belt!):

Top ~ anthro, Necklace ~ Wedding gift from my grandmother, Jeans ~ Wiliam Rast, Sandals ~ Dansko (they are awesome comfy!)

I hope you also enjoyed the sock in the picture. I rip my shoes and socks off by the door as soon as I get home from the gym, because I am disgusting.  And then I evidently leave them where they fall, also disgusting.  And classy.  Based on this post I am having confession Sunday.  Hmm. I am going to sign off now before I admit to anything else incriminating. Hope you had a great weekend!

Day 2: Tuck It!

For Day 2 of the 21 day challenge, the outfit was required to be tucked.  Hmm… well this day was pretty fun for me, because although a year ago I felt really WEIRD tucking my shirts in, over the past year I have practiced tucking all kinds of t-shirts into skirts.  And feeling pretty sassy about it.

“BUT WAIT!”, I thought, “Well if I am going to challenge myself I need to try something different than my usual already tight t-shirt into a flowy skirt.”  So I decided to try something that I have loved on several fashion bloggers: tucking a silky blouse into shorts.  And I really liked it!  This shirt is not one I reach for in the summer because it has a more fall palette, in my opinion, but perhaps the crispness in the air influenced me.  (Or perhaps the fact that I had just picked it up from the dry-cleaners and it looked new and shiny.)

Here I am with the front tuck:

Top & Shirt ~ Both are LOFT, Sunglasses ~ $5 guy at mall, Shoes ~ Oh crap, I got home and kicked them right off. Oops.

Sorry for poor picture quality, new camera is on my soon to buy list!  My husband thinks I am a total whacko with this challenge, but is still sweetly snapping the pictures, he’s a keeper.  Anyone else participating in strange behavior lately that makes your significant other roll their eyes, but you think they secretly like it? 🙂

Pick an item to remix

As I mentioned earlier, I am participating in the 21 day challenge.  I am going to be a day or two behind on posting, but considering school workdays started this week, I feel pretty proud to be accomplishing anything at all right now, while also getting back in the groove of school.

The Day 1 challenge was to pick an item to remix.  I sort of copped out and picked my khaki bermuda shorts.  I would like to have picked something a little more strange and bold, but with this challenge coinciding with the first few weeks of school, I needed a wardrobe staple that I could do dirty work in.  (Like unpack my classroom and deal with 100 degree heat.)

I paired my shorts with a sheer teal shirt for my day at work, and I have to admit I love this blouse because it always gets my lots of compliments.  Also, please forgive the sub-par pictures, I dropped my camera on its lens, so we’re stuck with phone pics. Boo hiss.

Shirt ~ Mossimo.Target, Shorts ~ Gap, Shoes ~ Merona.Target

more of the resolutions – ootd

So I mentioned in my last post that this is the first year I have ever made New Year’s resolutions and I must admit I am enjoying holding myself to them.  In addition to making sure to include fish in our diet at least once a week, I also resolved to wear a skirt or dress at least twice a week.  I have so many cute clothes that I don’t wear enough, because I grab the easy pants/top in the morning rather than making a little effort.  (Especially during the frosty, frosty winter…. brrrr!) As I have followed through with this plan and dressed up twice a week, I have definitely experienced a little confidence boost and pep in my step, if you will.

I know that dressing more attractively and taking time on yourself can make you feel better, but today just really hit that fact home for me.  I’ve had a difficult time in the last week or so and have had to draaaag myself out of bed to work in the morning, so this morning I totally forced myself to dress up.  And I had a better day than I’ve had in a week! Wooo! The power of fashion.

Note: I also ALWAYS end up wearing this skirt with a black top. Over and over and over.  This morning, I said, NO MORE! I WILL incorporate some color.  And I really like how it turned out. Hoorah.


Tshirt ~ Target, Blazer ~ Gap (about 5 years old), skirt ~ Old Navy (about 10 years old), Scarf ~ Kohls, Boots ~ Naturalizer

A little bit of mood boosting power, brought to you by the color yellow

Happy Wednesday, I am off to watch The Bachelor online.  (I save it for the night the hubs has a night class, mwhahaha!)


On Saturday I took a few pictures with Mr. Zipper for Lisa’s Respect the Outfits (and the pets) post.  I was planning on taking a few more Sunday in some fancified outfit, but then I got a stomach bug… curse you, elementary school students!! While I was feeling well enough to work this week, I feel fortunate that we had an early release Monday and 2 hour delays yesterday and today because of the icy weather.  I’ve had weird tummy grumblies and headaches since Saturday as the aftermath of the puking bug.  I also have to say, it has been years since I have been that nauseated from non-drink related problems and it was AWFUL.  BOO tiny children.  Don’t get me sick again!

Now that I’ve rambled enough, here are a few pics of the outfits…

Shirt ~ Banana Rep, jeans ~ True Religion, flats ~ Nine West, hat and scarf ~ Kohls, necklace - Jess LC


Zipsters will always sit when it is time to go on a walk
Awkward pose!! Demon dog!! All Awesomeness!  (Trust me though, he is exceptionally dense and heavy for such a small dog.  You would be awkward too.  Probs not as awkward as me though. dang.)

Well, thats all for today folks!! If you are experiencing these crazy snowy, icy conditions, keep warm, safe and snuggly!