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strange combos

Dressy and casual clothing items together, I am not sure I love this trend, on me or on 96% of other people.  But I tried it out today because I am tough.  I was still not won over.  Sorry for the shortest post evah.  School starts tomorrow (!)  I must prepare myself by relaxing and letting J cook me dinner.   Wish me luck on the first day of school!

Top ~ White House/Black Market, Shorts ~ JCrew


Bye for now! Until tomorrow!


holy cow, the new year is almost here!

Well I am back from Virginia and it was relaxing and lovely.  All the snow made my grandfather’s farm look absolutely beautiful and it was the first time J had been up there with me, so that made things special for me as well. 🙂  We also went to my aunt and uncle’s wine store and sampled wines to decide what we’ll have for our wedding, hooray!

I know most people have done this update, but I have to say Santa (aka my family and J’s family) was incredibly good to me this year, I was almost shocked!  J and I gave each other a Wii and a few games, which has been super fun although so far we haven’t had much time to play it.  In a huge surprise, I also got a new laptop from my parents.  I have a kind of crappy one from work that I use but I was super stoked to receive a new one that I wasn’t expecting at all… awesome, awesome, awesome! (Thanks mom and dad!)

I also got some new clothes including my beloved gumshoe sweater in the rust color I loved so much, as well as this pretty pinwheel cardigan in grey from AT Loft:

And this sassy skirt from White House Black Market:

This skirt is so flattering and so soft and comfortable, for anyone looking for a black and white skirt with a pattern like this, I can’t recommend it enough!  I got lots of other goodies as well, but just wanted to post about a few of my favorites… Can’t wait to read about what you all got and have been up to! Hope everyone is having a great week!